Academic Structure

The quality assurance undergone studies program:

  • Associate’s degree 1 – 2 years
  • Undergraduate Bachelor’s degree 2 – 3 years
  • Graduate Master’s degree 1 – 2 years
  • Post Graduate Doctoral degree 2 – 3 years


Its programs have received international acclaim and are aimed at developing a generation of innovative thinkers through online and distance learning (Independent Study) overseen by Learning Management System (LMS) and Faculties:

  • · Economics and Management Sciences
  • · Education and Teaching
  • · Engineering, Built Environment, IT and Multimedia
  • · Health Sciences
  • · Humanities and Social Sciences
  • · Law and Political Science
  • · Natural and Agricultural and Ocean Sciences
  • · Theology and Religion
  • . Humaniora

UIPM comprises 9 faculties, each with their own departments :


1.    Faculty of Economics, and Management Sciences

The EMS Faculty will provide you with the best possible support and online study materials to ensure that you graduate on time with a relevant and internationally recognized degree that is respected by major organizations throughout Asia Pacific and beyond. You'll also have the chance to learn important skills that will help you start your own business.

Faculty of Economics, and Management Sciences offers a wide range of specialized undergraduate and postgraduate degrees with a concentration on three core areas: finance, economics, and management sciences. The basis of global economies are financial sciences, economic sciences, and management sciences.

·           Department of Accounting

·           Department of Banking and Finance

·           Department of Business Law and Taxation

·           Department of Economics

·           Department of Marketing

·           Department of Industrial Psychology

·           Department of Logistics

·           Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science

·           Department of Human Resources Management

·           Department of Governance and Management

·           Department of Strategic Management

·           Department of Environmental Management 

·       Department of Healthcare Management

 ·       Department of Educational Management

·           Department of Public Management

·           Department of Business Management

·           Department of Management

·           Department of Entrepreneurship and New Venture Management

·           Department of Environmental Management and Sustainability


2.    Faculty of Education and Teaching 

Those who are well-educated and skilled have access to a diverse range of exciting and rewarding educational options. We'll equip you with the resources you'll need to make a positive impact on the lives of children, adults, and communities. With a high employment rate, our graduates are in high demand both nationally and internationally.


We provide a wide range of flexible, specialized Teacher Education (at all levels), Educational Studies and Leadership, and Youth & Community Leadership programs, all of which use cutting-edge teaching technology and e-learning. Many of our courses can be taken on campus, through blended learning, or online.


·           Department of Educational Psychology and Counselling

·           Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Inclusive Education

·           Department of Education, Culture and Society

·           Department of General Education


3.    Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment, IT and Multimedia

The faculty offers undergraduate and postgraduate degree and certificate programs that are tailored to the needs of the country, taking into account national and international benchmarks and best practices, as well as the rapidly changing technological environment that is known as the fourth industrial revolution. Faculty graduates are better at teamwork, communication, critical thinking, and creativity, in addition to the standard analytical and problem-solving skills.

All of the faculty's programs incorporate an industry-based learning component to guarantee that graduates are equipped for employment and professional life following graduation. The faculty maintains tight relationships with industry and other institutions of higher learning for this purpose, as well as for research and instructional collaboration.

·           Department of  Engineering and IT

·           Department of  Data Science

·           Department of  Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

·           Department of  Human-Centred Computing

·           Department of  Software Systems & Cybersecurity

·           Department of  Biomedical Engineering

·           Department of  Civil and Environmental Engineering

·           Department of  Civil Engineering

·           Department of  Computer Science

·           Department of  Electrical and Data Engineering

·           Department of  Information, Systems and Modelling

·           Department of  Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering

·           Department of  Multimedia

·           Department of  Professional Practice and Leadership

·           Department of  Architecture

·           Department of  Construction Management

·           Department of  Geospatial Sciences

·           Department of  Communication Science 


4.    Faculty of Health Sciences

The Faculty of Health Sciences offers a diverse range of health-related programs and can accommodate most students interested in community health and well-being.

Under the supervision of an expert, Emergency Medical Care and Rescue students use all of the equipment essential for training in effective, high-tech emergency and rescue circumstances.

Academic and support staff are well qualified, motivated, and dedicated to their students and professions, in addition to providing outstanding opportunities for experiential learning.

·           Department of Health Policy

·           Department of Public Health

·           Department of Alternative Medicine

·           Department of Clinical Sciences

·           Department of Nursing and Midwifery

·           Department of Primary and Allied Health Care

·           Department of Rural Health

·           Department of Medicine and Health Sciences

·           Department of Biomedical Sciences

·           Department of Psychological Sciences

·           Department of Medical Laboratory Technician (BMLT)

·      Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences


5.    Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Across a wide spectrum of undergraduate, postgraduate, and research programs, our Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences provides a unique, research-driven student experience.

We want to maintain our good reputation for providing a high-quality student experience while also assisting our students in developing the skills they will need in the future. We incorporate the development of essential employability skills into degree programs, and we are eager to assist students in gaining work experience in their fields of interest through internships, volunteer work, group projects, and strengthened ties with regional business and creative sectors.

·           Department of Anthropology and Development Studies

·           Department of English

·           Department of English And Literature

·           Department of Language and Literature

·           Department of Language and Communication Studies

·           Department of History and Ethnology

·           Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy 

·           Department of Philosophy

·           Department of Psychology

·           Department of Social Work and Community Development

·           Department of Sociology

·           Department of Music, Art and Culture Studies

6.    Faculty of Law and Political Science

The law has an impact on business, politics, and human rights, among other things. A law degree is always useful because it affects worldwide trade and international connections, as well as business, personal, and family relationships.

If you study law, you'll be able to deal with some of society's most serious ethical and legal concerns. A law degree is the first stage in the process of becoming a lawyer, and it can help you prepare for future study as a barrister or solicitor.

You'll gain information, experience, and abilities that will prepare you for a variety of graduate employment. With a law degree, you'll be prepared to take on several responsibilities in insurance and banking, as well as managing positions in a variety of other fields.

·           Department of Human Rights Law

·           Department of Commercial Law and Regulatory Studies

·           Department of Public Law

·           Department of Criminal Law

·           Department of International Business Law

·           Department of Justice abd law

·           Department of Health Law

·           Department of Political Science

·           Department of International Relations

·           Department of International Relations And Cross-Cultural Communication

·           Department of Political Economy and Development


7.    Faculty of Natural , Agricultural and Ocean Sciences 

The Faculty of Natural, Agricultural, and Ocean Sciences improves students' scientific skills through teaching and learning, research and scholarship, and strategic partnerships with industry.

The course modules were designed with the needs of the country and the expectations of the relevant industry in mind. Students are offered opportunities to obtain hands-on experience in the field, at national research stations, and in aquaculture and fishery-related firms, and the Department's resources are used to help students develop soft skills.

·         Department of Chemistry

·         Department of Genetics

·         Department of Geography

·         Department of Geology

·         Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

·         Department of Mathematical Statistics and Actuarial Science

·         Department of Microbiology and Biochemistry

·         Department of Physics

·         Department of Zoology and Entomology

·         Department of Agricultural Sciences

·         Department of Agricultural Economics

·         Department of Animal Science

·         Department of Soil, Crop and Climate Sciences

·         Department of Sustainable Food Systems and Development

·         Department of Forensic Genetics

·         Department of Groundwater Studies

·         Department of Sustainable Agriculture

·         Department of Urban and Regional Planning

·         Department of Plant Sciences

·         Department of Fisheries Management

·         Department of Fisheries Technology

·         Department of Fisheries Economics

·         Department of Aquaculture

·     Department of Marine Sciences


8.    Faculty of Theology and Religion

The Faculty of Theology and Religion serves as society's knowledge center for religion. Religion, like social issues such as climate change and violence, plays an important role in people's lives.

As a result, our specialists come from a variety of academic disciplines and religious backgrounds to research religious traditions' origins, history, beliefs, and current practices.

The Faculty of Theology and Religion brings together scholars and students from various theological backgrounds. We converse with one another, from Buddhists to Christians, Muslims to atheists. Disagreements and disagreements are not ignored, but are taken seriously in speech and debate. We teach future religious leaders, educators, health-care workers, and non-governmental organizations using this strategy.

·         Department of Comparison between religions

·         Department of Islamic Study

·         Department of Usuluddin

·         Department of Tarbiyah

·         Department of Modern Philosophy

·         Department of Islamic Sharia

·         Department of Islamic Economics

·     Department of Religion Studies

9. The Faculty of Humaniora

The Faculty of Humaniora is a science that examines human nature with all human problems. The goal is to improve the quality of life.Humanities also learn about how to understand oneself and realize high dignity and ideals. Based on the focus or object, it can be seen that the humanities have concepts and studies that are very different from science. Humanities science concepts tend to be the result of abstractions from an object of study.


Faculty of Humaniora are: 

·       Department of Theology

·       Department of Psychology

·      Department of Management

·       Department of Political

·       Department of Social

·       Department of Economy

·       Department of International Relations

·       Department of Philosophy

·       Department of Law

·       Department of History

·       Department of Philology

·       Department of Language

·       Department of Literature

·       Department of Art